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After you have been arrested for a DUI or any drug-related crimes, it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney right away. The prosecution is already hard at work building a case against you, which is why you need an experienced attorney who can sit down with you and take the time to look into all aspects of your case to find the best strategy of defense for your specific situation.

I've helped countless individuals and families in Newport News, Virginia and the surrounding areas have their side of the story heard. I genuinely care about seeking fair treatment by the justice system and fighting to see that your future isn't defined by a mistake or lapse in judgment.

Even if you've simply been ticketed for a traffic offense, you'll want an attorney who can help you fight to maintain a clean driving record. While speeding or failing to come to a complete stop may seem trivial to seek legal assistance with, these seemingly minor infractions can add up and risk your driving privileges. As your dedicated traffic offense attorney, I'll fight to keep that from happening.

Whether you reach out to my firm for DUI defense representation or other legal assistance, I will use my skills and experience to help you through what may otherwise feel like a helpless time. Don't risk the outcome of your case by taking on your legal challenge alone. Call today!


I understand that just because you've been charged doesn't mean you're guilty. I'll do everything I can to help you pursue the most favorable outcome to your case so you can get your life back on track.


No stone will go unturned as I strive to uncover the details surrounding your charge and arrest. Throughout your case, I'll help to ensure you're prepared for what to expect with the process every step of the way.


When your rights and freedom are on the line, you deserve to work with an experienced and skilled attorney who will take the time to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to any problems that arise for you.

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Facing criminal charges can be an especially stressful time. Because the outcome of your situation can have such a significant impact on your life, you want to put up a strong fight for the best possible results.

Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney is your best chance for success. If you are looking for a DUI defense attorney in Newport News or Virginia Beach, Virginia, who can find the flaws in the case against you and fight for your freedom — give me a call.

During your free consultation, I'll review the details of your case, show you what legal options you have, and what will be the best option for you moving forward with your life. Having co-authored a book on DUI defense in our state, you rest assured that I have a solid background defending those in similar positions to yours.

From traffic offenses and DUI cases to drug crimes, domestic violence, juvenile charges, and murder, I have a wide range of experience in the area of criminal defense that could benefit you.

No matter what brings you to my firm, I will treat you with the respect and personalized attention your case deserves for success. Through a collaborative approach, I will work non-stop to bring you peace of mind that I'm doing everything I can to pursue a positive resolution for you.

When you feel scared or unsure about the future because of looming criminal proceedings, put my experience on your side and gain a legal advocate who cares about helping you move forward. If you're in need of reliable representation, contact my firm — Law Office of Patrick L. Bales — and schedule your free consultation today.