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Drug Possession

If you were charged with drug possession or caught with an illegal substance, you need an experienced drug crimes defense attorney on your side? Call me right away. I am a passionate and aggressive drug possession lawyer who will fight for your rights.

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A drug possession charge is fairly simple to define. It is the crime of having one or more illegal drugs in your possession. The drugs are either for personal use, distribution, sale, or otherwise. You are considered to have possession of drugs if you have actual physical control of the drugs. If the drugs are on your body, you are also considered to be in possession of them. You would also have possession of the drugs if you have the power and intent to control their distribution and use. I am familiar with the drug possession laws in Virginia and I am here to help you fight back. Call me right away for your free consult and let's see what your options are in Newport News & Virginia Beach, VA.

The specific details around your case will play a big role in the charges, or potential sentencing, that you are facing. Sentences can be harsher if they can prove that you had intent to distribute the drugs, such as when you are in possession of a larger amount (that amount varies by type of drug). They can also be more severe if officers or the prosecution can prove that you had intent to transport the illegal drugs. The sentence will be lesser if it was just simply that you had possession of a smaller amount of a controlled substance. No matter what type of drug you were caught with, or how much, I can defend your rights. Call me to go over your case and let's start working on your defense strategy.

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Controlled Substance

The nightmare of being convicted for drug possession does not simply end with the sentencing, and your fines, jail time, or other penalties. A conviction of possession can tarnish your record for life. It will show up on any background check that is done as part of a job, or housing, that you apply for. In addition to that, federal law prohibits students that have had drug possession convictions from getting federal student aid. This is a big reason it is so important to find a trustworthy drug possession lawyer who is able to contest the charges that have been filed against you with skill.

We will determine whether it is in your best interest to go to court and fight the charges, or to negotiate a plea bargain. As an aggressive drug possession lawyer, I won't back down from pushing for what my client deserves. The prosecution is often quick to jump all over those who don't have experienced criminal attorneys representing them. Don't get yourself in that situation. If you're looking for a defense lawyer, give me a call in Newport News or Virginia Beach, VA for your free consultation. You'll never get a secretary, or someone telling you the attorney will get back to you. It's me you deal with, every time.

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