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Drug Trafficking

Are you under investigation for trafficking drugs? As an experienced defense lawyer in Newport News & Virginia Beach, VA, I have handled hundreds of drug crimes defenses. I also have a record of success in defending my clients at trial. I invite you to call me for a free case evaluation; I'll show you how I've helped others in similar situations, how I can help you, and what your best options are.

As an experienced drug defense lawyer in Newport News & Virginia Beach, VA, I have handled hundreds of cases. I was previously a public defender but branched into private practice so I could devote the necessary time to providing each and every one of my clients with a thorough and solid defense. I believe that my clients deserve a fair trial, and do everything in my power to give them just that. Whether you have been wrongly charged with trafficking drugs, or have made a life-changing mistake, I will help you. Call me to get your free consultation and let's see where you can go from here.


Drug trafficking charges carry serious penalties for those who are convicted. You see in news coverage just how aggressive police officers and even prosecutors can be when it comes to arresting and convicting drug dealers and the like. If you've been charged with trafficking drugs, you need to retain legal counsel immediately. Having an experienced drug trafficking lawyer on your side can help you best prepare for your case, and the sooner you get started, the better. I thoroughly investigate each case I take on to find any possible loophole or misinformation on the prosecution's case and am tenacious in seeing each case through to completion. My advice to you is to meet with a couple of drug defense lawyers; me, and another, or others, and hire who you feel most comfortable with. It's your future. But act fast; their case is already building against you.

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Federal Drug Lawyers

Distributing drugs, as well as possession with intent to sell, is a serious offense. However, trafficking drugs is a much more serious crime. It is an offense that involves the possession or distribution of large amounts of illegal substances (the amount varies depending on which drug is in question).

The major difference between being charged with possession or trafficking drugs lies in the volume of drugs that are involved. You need a skilled drug trafficking lawyer who can differentiate the nuances in the law, and can fight to have your charges dropped, or lessened. Call me for a free consultation; I'll listen to the facts of your case and give you legal advice as to where to go from here.

A seasoned drug trafficking lawyer will know how to properly evaluate the facts of your case. They will be able to show you how the state and federal drug laws apply to those facts. A criminal defense attorney is the only one who can give you advice about your legal options and what you should do, or not do, to help your case. Set up your free consultation today. Let's see what evidence there is, or isn't, against you, and how we can fight the charges. As a passionate drug trafficking lawyer in Newport News & Virginia Beach, VA, I am aggressive in pursuit of my clients' freedom.

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