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Juvenile Possession

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It doesn't matter if you are a young adult or a minor. Juvenile possession of any form of alcohol or drugs is a serious criminal charge in our state. Great care must be taken when you are selecting a juvenile offense lawyer. Your lawyer will need to be able to investigate the case to find any evidence in your favor and combat the juvenile charges. Set up your free consultation now to see how I can help in Newport News, Virginia Beach & surrounding areas.

Juvenile Possession Charges

Any minor in the state of Virginia is not able to buy, try to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol, or any type of narcotic. Nor are you able to use a false ID, or a false age, in order to obtain or consume alcohol. If you do, you will likely get a charge for juvenile possession. It is also illegal for an adult to try to sell alcohol to a minor. However, the state of Virginia has three special cases in which this can be "bent." The three special cases are:

  • If it is part of a minor's job, they may deliver alcohol

  • If the minor's parents have ordered alcohol, the minor may deliver it

  • If it is vital and within the scope of their duties, a police officer that is younger than 21 may possess alcohol

  • If an adult provides alcohol to a minor within their private home. However, the minor must be with a parent, a legal guardian, or an adult spouse in this case

Don't Take on Your Legal Challenges Alone

Any attempt to violate the above rules may result in a juvenile possession charge. Being convicted for juvenile possession of a controlled substance, or alcohol can carry steep fines. The lowest fine would be $500 and probation. The probationary sentence can include at least 50 hours of community service.

If you are older than 18, a judge will likely suspend your driver's license for at least six months to a year. However, if you can prove hardship, the judge may allow you to use a restricted driver's license. The judge might also require that you be a part of a local probation program.

Teenage Drug Charges

I am very familiar with the laws in the state of Virginia for juvenile possession. I am here to help you. My goal is to get the best possible outcome for all of my clients, and I will show you what options you have. As a seasoned juvenile offense lawyer, I know what is needed before any minor or young adult can be convicted. The case that is built against you will need to include a lot of proof. They will need to prove that you did actually possess, consume, or purchase a drink that had alcohol in it. It will also be required to prove that it was done while you were under the age of 21.

It is important to choose a criminal defense attorney who has defended clients of juvenile possession, or similar charges, and whom you feel comfortable with. I invite you to call me and discuss your case to see how I can help you in Newport News & Virginia Beach, VA & surrounding areas.

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