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If you are accused of a drug-related crime, then you need a skilled drug crime defense attorney on your side. Call me right away for a free case evaluation and let’s see what options you have. I’ll assess the case against you, hear your side of the story, and advise you on where to go from here.

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Aggressive Drug Crime Defense Attorney

When you call my office, you will be dealing with me directly, never a secretary or anyone to field my calls. I have deep compassion for providing my clients with personal and professional representation. If you hire me, I will expertly dissect your case, and gather any possible evidence towards a strong defense. Having successfully defended many drug crimes, ranging from minor charges up to large-scale drug trafficking, I am prepared to defend you against any drug charges you may be facing. If you’re looking for an aggressive drug crime defense attorney, I suggest you meet with me, and any others you are considering before you make your final decision. You can get a free case evaluation where we can discuss your case, and what is in your best interest. You can call me anytime if you need legal help.

One of the most obvious goals of a drug crime defense attorney is to get your charges dismissed or reduced without a trial. The pre-trial defense is extremely important, as it develops strategies that center around the suppression or handling of evidence. This requires more than just knowledge of the law. It requires specific experience by a criminal defense attorney in defense strategies backed by experts who can conduct the research needed for a strong criminal defense.

As a former public defender, I am familiar with all types of criminal charges. I left the public system as I didn’t want to do the “greeter/pleader” thing anymore. You know, “hi, I’m your attorney, here’s what you’re pleading.” I think you deserve a thorough and personal defense for a fair price; which is why I work alone, to keep my costs reasonable.

Unlike many other criminal offenses, drug charges can result in federal prosecution. The federal government has an entire agency dedicated to pursuing narcotics cases. You need to determine whether you are facing federal charges, or if you are under federal investigation. There are plenty of instances where a case against a suspect made by the state can later be handed to the federal government. If so, you need a drug crime defense attorney who has a strong background in such cases. I can help you. Give me a call, I will answer any questions you may have about your case. I, Attorney Patrick Bales, can provide you with the resources you’ll need to get the best possible ending for your case.

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