Just Because You've Been Charged
Doesn't Mean You're Guilty

Drunk Driving Charges in Newport News & Virginia Beach, VA

If you're facing drunk driving charges you need a DUI attorney who understands the fear you're going through and is familiar with the legal system. A DUI attorney can help you navigate the legal system and fight your charges in Newport News & Virginia Beach, VA, and the surrounding areas. Call me right away for a free consultation. We will discuss your case and determine the best possible course of action to protect your legal rights, and your future.

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As the author of a nationally published book on DUI defense in the state of Virginia, I have the savvy to present your case in the best possible light. I will investigate your case, including collecting any video footage of the incident. This is an important part of defending drunk driving charges, as what a police officer says happened is not always what actually happened, and video evidence can prove this beyond a reasonable doubt.

If you're looking for a drunk driving defense attorney to represent you, or a loved one in Newport News or Virginia Beach, VA, I encourage you to reach out to me for a free case evaluation to see how I can help. As a sole practitioner, I answer all of my phone calls and answer my own e-mails. You will never get a receptionist, or be told that I am in a meeting.

My clients and I have a direct relationship; I am not here to be a hand-holder -- I am here to get results. Call now to discuss the specifics of your case and find out what options you have.

Defending Drunk Driving Charges

Trying to beat drunk driving charges without having legal counsel, and the expertise of a DUI attorney is hard to do. Being familiar with drunk driving charges, I have the know-how needed when facing DUI offenses. I can help you fight your charges, and will work to get them dropped, or mitigated. You have questions, you want to know where to go from here, and I can help. Let's start working towards getting your charges dismissed, and reduced, or dropped fines. Call my office in either Newport News or Virginia Beach, VA now for your free consultation!

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I will be relentless in the fight to defend your legal rights, and to protect your driving rights, in your DUI case. I will handle every aspect of your drunk driving charge from start to finish. While you will find other defense lawyers in the area who will charge more than I do, and you will find those who charge less, you will not find one who will work harder than me. DWI Defense. Very few DUI attorneys have the specific know-how and experience that I do to help you fight your drunk driving charge.

I am well known by my peers for my noteworthy trial skills when it comes to defending drunk driving charges. Give me a call for a free consultation. I will fight for you and push your case through to the very end, to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome. The penalties of a DUI conviction are too hefty to simply ignore. The evidence presented against you may be wrong.

Being highly experienced with drunk driving defense in Newport News & Virginia Beach, VA, I know that it involves never accepting the evidence at face value. I will scrutinize the evidence presented, and dissect it to find the best avenue for your defense. Call me to set up your free consultation today and get started on your road to freedom.

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