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Drunk Driving Accidents

Those accused of being at fault in drunk driving accidents need a DUI defense attorney who can help fight for your rights. Don't wait, act now and hire sound legal counsel at the Law office of Patrick Bales with locations in Newport News & Virginia Beach, VA and we will help get you the best possible outcome. Call for a free consultation with a drunk driving accident attorney today.

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Drunk Driving Accidents

If you are looking at charges for a drunk driving accident, you may be facing steep fines. You probably have already had your license suspended. You may be ordered to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. Worst of all, you may be sent to prison. If the conviction is for a felony drunk driving offense, you might even lose your job. You might run into trouble getting a new job and you may even lose certain civil rights, like voting, and the right to purchase a firearm. You need a DUI attorney on your side fast who can begin building a solid defense in your favor.

I am a drunk driving accident attorney that will work to prevent those things from happening to you in Newport News & Virginia Beach, VA. Sometimes a motorist receives a DUI charge unfairly. It might happen because a faulty breathalyzer test was used. It might happen because the arrest was based on an officer's suspicion alone, rather than on evidence.

No matter what the details surrounding your case are, you need a DUI attorney you can trust to fight on your behalf. I am a defense lawyer who will investigate your drunk driving accident to find the best defense for your scenario. Give me a call now and get your free case evaluation; let's get started.

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If the drunk driving accident has resulted in bodily harm, the penalties can be even worse for you. Luckily, legal help is available to contest the drunk driving charge you received. Call me right away for a free consult and we will review your case together.

If I take on your case, I will look into every aspect to fight the prosecution's case against you. You may feel you have been unfairly charged after a drunk driving accident. You can rest easy knowing that when you hire me as your drunk driving accident attorney, I will not stop until your case has resulted in the best possible outcome for you.

An accident may give an officer the reasonable suspicion needed to look into the scene. However, only solid evidence of inebriation will give the officer probable cause for a drunk driving accident arrest. As a DUI attorney, I will thoroughly look into the details of your case in an attempt to show that the officer may not have had solid evidence. I will attempt to show that the officer lacked the grounds to make the DUI arrest. I want to help you. Contact me to set up your free case evaluation today in Newport News, VA or Virginia Beach, VA.

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